Landline: 04 430 7313
Landline: 04 430 7313
Landline: 04 430 7313


CCTV OPERATORS (Male & Female):

Eco Power security services offer CCTV operator services to remotely monitor your commercial/residential premises. We are one of the few CCTV security companies in Dubai that provide CCTV operators and can also equip your premises with state-of-the-art CCTV security camera systems.

Our CCTV operators are licensed by SIRA, capable of handling any type of security camera system, and able to react rapidly in an emergency.

They execute frequent building site health assessments to ensure that each facility is operating at peak efficiency. They respond to CCTV alarms as they occur, tracking intruders, delivering audio warnings, and arranging our response partners or the police as needed. Full incident reports are generated and distributed to site managers within 24 hours, with all facts available in real time and in the past.

Background Verified, Trained Staff
100% of Eco Power Security personnel are trained and licensed by Dubai’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) and are either ex-servicemen or from security sectors only.

Responsive management support
Our team is highly responsive. With one call the process is set into an auto mode ending only with the resolution of issues.

Dedicated Security Account Manager
At Eco Power our goal is to provide customers with an exceptional experience. Our security account manager is a one-point contact and respond promptly, accurately, and are knowledgeable with all our processes and services.

Our Latest Work:

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