Landline: 04 430 7313
Landline: 04 430 7313
Landline: 04 430 7313


We Are Focused To Create Excellent Works:

We strongly believe that our guards are the backbone and therefore their performance and personality reflect upon our standards. To ensure that the guards match up to the high standards in quality, all our guards have to undergo a selection process where they are screened for their qualities of intelligence, interest, courtesy, integrity and motivation and individuals who can operate under stressful situation and communicate well.

To ensure that we can provide and maintain a consistently high standard guarding security service at an unbeatable price that we undertake, Eco Power Security will strive to improve continually its Quality Management System. We will monitor and act upon customer feedback and suggestions from our staff, and shall ensure that proper communication, control and account records are generated for all work undertaken, thus improving the services we provide. All members of staff are charged with promoting these aims and are required to familiarize themselves with this policy, and with the contents of the Quality Manual, which defines the Quality Management System and, where required, specific quality objectives. All employees connected with Eco Power will be supported according to their individual needs for personal development and training.

CCTV Operators

Eco Power Security offers CCTV operator services to remotely monitor your commercial/residential premises.


Whether at the beach or swimming pools, you will have peace of mind knowing that Eco Power Lifeguard is there to keep your guests and customers safe.

Security Guards

“Dedicated to the safety and security of our clients’ and their assets, Eco Power Security provides comprehensive security solutions that surpass international standards.”


We believe that a feeling of mutual respect inspires trust, confidence and communication. Hence, we strive to value and treat everyone fairly.


We believe in setting high standards and moral conduct. We value honesty and ethics and take pride in what we do.

Training and development

We believe in constantly training our guards and employees to always stay updated and produce best outcomes. Our insatiable desire to learn, develop and continually grow is unbeatable.

Dedication & Agility

We take pride in our attentive, proactive and diligent guards. At the same time, we ensure contract compliance at all times and are highly committed towards achieving our goals. We are always prepared to deal with anticipated and unforeseen challenges and opportunities.


We believe in excellence and high performing services. We are always on an innovative look-out, embracing constructive change. Our relationship with quality is non-negotiable.

Our Most Important Security Aids Listed Here

Our clients rely on bespoke security solutions that range from the state of the art access control and monitored protection, from discreet covert surveillance to a comprehensive security review. Our security guards are closely supervised and ably supported by their team leaders and Managers. Together, they have the kind of local knowledge and on site trainings that will keep them a step ahead, whatever the threat. They also have the back-up of security control room. Round the clock. The state of the art nerve center is the forefront of CCTV technology supporting static officers in the field which often isolated in demanding workplaces- indoors and outdoors. They are ready for the unexpected; they’re also a phone call away from our Managers, ready to handle any crisis.

Designed CCTV cameras connected to the Control Room are also major aspect of security solutions. This upgrade type of technology handled and monitored by security guards is to ensure total safety and protection of all mankind. They can analyze intruders; suspects in some certain areas where crime or accident might happen. Reported recorded images and instances can pattern and resolve cases promptly.

We Cater Security & LifeGuard Services:

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