Landline: 04 430 7313
Landline: 04 430 7313
Landline: 04 430 7313




Introduction Training:

On arrival, the new recruits are put through a one-week full-time induction training session wherein they are made aware of the company rules and policies, Police and the local law, general knowledge of the U.A.E, Introduction to the security industry of U.A.E, role of a security guard, in addition to numerous other topics.

Sira Training:

Security Guards are put through a five-day comprehensive mandatory Security Guard’s Training Program by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Authority), the governing body for security companies in Dubai.

All security guards that attend and pass the SIRA exam become qualified to work on any site in Dubai.

Topics covered in the SIRA course are:

» The role of security guards in the UAE

» Code of conduct

» Fire & Safety

» Security and Emergency Systems and Procedures

» Effective Patrolling and Access Control

» Communication and Customer Service

» Basic First Aid

» Health and Safety

» Report writing

» Crime scene management & control

» Handling different kind of emergencies

On Job Training:

Security guards who have passed the SIRA exam are trained along with existing security guards for 3 days before being deployed full time on sites.

On Site Training & Orientation:

While starting off with a more capable and qualified Security Officer is important, it doesn’t help if they arrive at your facility with no understanding of what they are supposed to do. Because of this, Eco Power Security uses up to date methods of documenting and delivering specialized site orientation training at every site that we protect.

Refresher Training:

Refresher Training is held at our training facility on a frequent basis to ensure that guards are up-to- date of the latest trends in the Security industry and local laws.

  1. Policies and procedures of the client
  2. Knowledge on important site locations.
  3. Emergency contact information
  4. Site orders should include emergency evacuation plan
  5. Introduction to existing staff
  6. Information about breaks and meals
  7. Logistics
  8. Communication equipment
  9. Registers and logs

We believe that sustainable success can be reached only through people. No other asset in the company is as important as the people that contribute with their work to our culture and our business results.

Therefore, we devote all the necessary energy and attention to recruit the right people from the start.

  • Security assessment is one of the primary tools used in conjunction with mobilization of security guards.
  • Our operations teams provides physical security assessment to our clients after the site visit which includes quantity, locations, protection, control and electronic surveillance.
  • Quality physical security services are provided as per client requirements with continuous improvements & assessments.
  • Our Security staff are well groomed, physically fit and holders of required security license with capability of handling people and situations.

Eco Power Security is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy, safe and secure working environment for all its employees and any other person who may be affected by its activities. The Health & Safety Policy applies to all premises and activities within the control of Eco Power Security.

Eco Power Security is committed to:

  • Ensure the Health, Safety, Security and welfare of all its employee whilst at work.
  • Ensure the visitors and the general public who may be affected by Eco Power Security Services activities, are not exposed to risk of their health & Safety.
  • Identify the hazards (the potential for harm), assess the risk and manage those risks: Consult with employees and ensure all who work on our behalf are adequately informed of identified risks and where appropriate receive the relevant information, instruction, training and supervision.
  • Maintain clear procedure for action to be taken in the event of an Emergency.
  • Provide adequate training to all Eco Power employees and staff for the task required of them.
  • Commit to a proactive approach to prevent accident ‘incident in order to achieve continuous improvement in health & Safety performance.
  • Comply with UAE Safety code of practice, rules and regulations and other requirements.

Security industry regulatory agency (SIRA)

In accordance to the Dubai Police Protective System regulations, all personnel undergo a minimum five-day security training course, all security personnel must pass an exam at the end of the course before being issued a certificate and a SIRA license to work within their appropriate sector.


Prior to the commencement of any service, Eco Power Security Services will, with your active assistance, draw up an exclusive set of Assignment Instructions for your site. These instructions will detail all the relevant duties and procedures, and the various registers that are to be kept on site.

Assignment instructions are updated regularly to ensure that any changes to your requirements are detailed at the earliest opportunity. All security guards will be required to sign the Acknowledgement form to confirm they are aware of any changes made.


Eco Power Security Services will provide all necessary documentation required to correctly undertake your assignment. Examples of these might include:

  • Daily Assignment Logs
  • Incident Reports
  • Contractors / Visitors Log Book
  • Search Register
  • Key Register
  • Security Patrol Log
Security Guards Profile
  • Must possess a military; police; army; security background
  • Must certified High School Graduate/Diploma
  • Good command either or both English & Arabic Language
  • All our Security Staff are 100% Dubai Police Security trained and passed
  • In House Basic Security Training
  • Onsite training prior to deployment
  • Tailored training depending on clients requirements
  • Certified/Licensed DPS Course
  • Fire Fighting & handling fire extinguishers
  • Basic First Aid Trainings
  • Emergency reporting protocols and security and communication skills
  • Evacuation guidelines during emergencies
  • Patrolling designated vicinity to ensure personal, building & equipment precautions.
  • Inspect doors, windows & gates to determine that they are protected.
  • Providing informative public assistance in case of hazards & threats.
  • Reporting irregularities such as fire hazards; leak water pipes, security doors left unlocked; sounding the alarm in case of fire and presence of unauthorized persons.
  • Performing periodic checkup of emergency call box or street lights to make sure proper functioning; and reporting malfunctions as required.
  • Preparing standard reports on scheduled basis.

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